Thursday, April 4, 2013

painless for just a few hours

What a crazy day. Was in agony last night and felt I had made no progress since my hyterectomy.
Then went to bed. Woke up at about 4 then 5am. Back was in agony for second night or so in a row. My lower back. Don't know what it is. On The Yoga Man's suggestion slept with a soft pillow there but work up this morning with visions of getting to the gynae's office first thing and sitting there until he saw me.
Then did my lymph massage while in agony, then got up out of bed, and huddled in the lounge, covered with blankets, moaning that I was tired but at least the pain was gone.
And then the pain was really gone. Vanished! Felt fantastic so went out for lunch with my sister (it has been on hold depending on how I was feeling) but just made it threw lunch, and the chemist for more constipation supplies, when felt awful. Dizzy. Stomach cramping.
Then came back and ate spare ribs (my occasional indulgence which I had bought the other day) as sheer compulsive eating.
Not sure if will finish the rest. Might end up throwing them away.
Now been sitting here wondering if I will ever get better. Checked the notes I took from the dr in hospital. You will feel exhausted. Rest. Do some moderate walking. Nothing whatsoever about pain.
Not sure I can carry on like this. Oh, that sounds so blady dramatic but I cannot really go out.
And have arranged for the work system to be brought in here - think it's arriving tomorrow - but going to start off doing very very little. Cannot work if only feel ok for part of the day and the rest of the time I am in agony and despair.
Now been wondering if it was pre-cancerous. Maybe the endometrial lining was thicker - is that enough to do a hysterectomy?  Maybe the fibroid wasn't that benign? Oh who knows 'cos still don't have written report. But scheduled to see The Tango Man on Wednesday - his office said that two weeks or so after the op need to see him - so guess he will fill me in. Was going to cancel - well, tried to phone to see if he really did want to see me now - but then decided I need to know what the hell is going on.
Fak, I hate being sore. Feel like they made me sick.


  1. Dearest Gillian!
    Have found your blog again, with all the moving and stuff it was off my computer. Had no idea that you have been experiencing such trauma! I send you a huge virtual hug and all the love in the world.

    1. Thanks Louise. Ja, starting to feel better. Chose not to announce anything re it on fbk or twitter....