Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thanks to unwashed prunes

Today has been my best day since my hysterectomy last Monday (two Mondays ago).

I have suffered from intense constipation, unlike anything I have ever known, and after two lots of Movicol yesterday and one more dose this morning, sat down in sheer desperation with about a third of a punnet of unwashed prunes and ate them.

It worked. A few days ago I had about eight and it didn't work. This time I had the runs which was better than the intense pain I have been under.

In fact, today has been my best day post-hysterectomy.

Last night I got into a panic. I kept thinking: I am being so negative that I am not going to heal and if I am not careful, will end up back in hospital.

So trying....

Oh, and don't have results of urine test to see if I have a bladder infection. The lab is closed tomorrow - Good Friday - so doubt will hear any more re it till Tuesday.

I have to get better. This has been agony. But unlike the cancer treatment I had, during which I just gritted my teeth and did what I could in order to get better, this operation has been the most devastating physical experience of my life.

I am still waiting for the report, so still don't understand how the fibroid could cause "negative cells" and what they means but fakking hell, this has been one hell of a journey and am still devastated how I have been so struck down - despite having no cancer or pre-cancer.

But I need to laugh and smile and be happy - so I can get better.

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