Friday, March 29, 2013

Friends and illness

It's always fascinating how friends, colleagues and acquaintances react when you are ill.
This time the two people who I thought would pop in, no matter how briefly, seem unable to, as if they want to stay away and avoid being contaminated... guess I am angry but still.... not all the time...
And it has been some colleagues and others who have been remarkable.
I was just thinking the other day that the best thing to do when someone is ill/indisposed is to contact them and say: " I am bringing lunch tomorrow. Doesn't matter if you don't eat it then - whenever - what would you like?" or "I am at Woolworths/this deli/bakery/whatever and then popping into you; what would you like?"
And that is exactly what someone did. "I am going to Woolworths later. What would you like?" And so I got julienned beetroot (unsurprisingly, they didn't have the Norwegian salmon or tuna and cucumber mousse I also wanted) but I was able to get what I wanted and I paid her for it. What a touching thing to do.
My first response had been (in my head): pick me up and I will do my own shopping then, but of course I cannot carry a basket or push a trolley so cannot shop on my own.
Did online grocery shopping (the Easter weekend is a crappy time to go to the shops here, too busy... and some shelves deserted from what I have heard) but it was one hell of a pahlava. The only online shopping that works in South Africa is shops that exist purely online, eg Yuppie Chef and, but guess the bulk of the groceries did arrive even if it took endless calls and screaming and angry tweets before the order happened... anyway....
Am badly constipated again today so eating everything in sight, hoping it will make me go to the toilet but ....
Anyway, guess friends cannot cope with illness but do appreciate the SMSes. The two I thought would visit, well, the one has not even bothered to SMS and I phoned for a chat...
Ja well no fine, as they say in these parts......


  1. I am sorry it is "no fine". I just hope you get better and back to your old self and that you get the support that you deserve.

  2. Thanks. Am feeling much better and trying to enjoy this 'time out'. I really appreciate your comments.