Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A few

* The gynae and I are now talking, thank god, 'cos after very bad constipation post hysterectomy (a problem which might not yet have been solved in fact), am now onto my second post-hysterectomy problem: a potential bladder infection.
He sent me for a urine test today and phoned a series of people to take me and luckily solved the problem and got there and back pretty quickly, with one friend taking and another fetching. I spent R450 on taxis the other day, and that was just two one-way trips, and this depot was just down the road. We have tuk-tuks in Joburg now but they are too bumpy and not the best for post-abdominal surgery I don't think.

*Am in intense pain. Just taken some more pain killers. Oh that was another good thing re gynae talking to me. I needed more painkillers. Have hardly been taking them. But now bugger that and taking them 2 to 3 times a day.

* The worse I feel, the crosser I become re this. Re having had the op. I am ok and can deal with it when ok but when have pain like this, just see red... to use a blady cliche.

* I do not think I am ready to do any work from home. Work was prepared to set up the work system at my home - I asked  - but really, not well enough to deal with people, think coherently, do whatever. I still have to inform them. The Yoga Man told me not to worry about this till next week.

* I know I just did online shopping and tweeted re it so work will probably think am ok to work but I cannot. I need to sort myself out.

Hope I don't have a bladder infection. Feel like chopping my head off. Oh, by the way, The Yoga Man says I was much sicker when I had chemo so my previous post is inaccurate.

And the reason the doctor hasn't sent me the bill - so I can send it to the medical aid (I asked for it to be made accurate and the "maligant..." to be removed) - (I have already paid it)  - and the reason he hasn't sent me the report is that it is at his home.

Feel like having a few drinks but don't think they will go well with the painkillers.

Feel like screaming. A little.



  1. Oh - just getting caught up. So much has happened & I've been running around & mostly away from my computer. So sorry things have gone this way & you're having such a rough time! Good for you for yelling at your doc - sounds perfectly justified to me. Even if he really believed this was the best course of action, it doesn't sound like he was very sensitive to your questions and how you were feeling. And I can't believe he expects you to apologize! I do hope your recovery picks up. Wish there was something I could do - feel better!

    1. Thanks, Julie. Thanks for understanding. Am still waiting for the written report but have lost the will or the urgency to argue and am seeing him in two weeks' time and can hopefully get a copy then.