Sunday, February 3, 2013

the horrors of lymphedema

Let's call her Tolly, arrived at bookclub yesterday with her arm wrapped in those lymphedema bandages. Not in a compression sleeve but in bandages. And not sure if it was bandages themselves but her arm appeared to be the size of my thighs, which are substantial (she is thin).
She says The Lymph Lady (she also sees her, on my initial suggestion) has been unable to control the swelling. So she saw The Lymph Lady every day last week and is going again tomorrow. So am I (going tomorrow).
Now I am already neurotic about my borderline lymphedema becoming worse. I do not want to wear a compression sleeve and do the manual lymph drainage twice a day totalling about an hour (45 minutes or so in the morning and about 10 minutes at night, with a break on Friday nights).
Since I went to Cape Town last weekend, my arm is slightly up, both from the flight and definately cos I have gained weight (having a weight problem - 2kg up and hungry).
Now I cannot stop seeing the image of Tolly's arm and a very large part of me thinks I don't want to go overseas again as that always throws my arm out. And what happens if it doesn't revert back to normal?
But The Lymph Lady says you cannot stop living your life. And Tolly is amazingly cheerful. Have seen her at The Lymph Lady before and her husband always comes with, I hear. Very supportive.

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