Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bugger-all wrong!

Today had an ultrasound of my right hip and I am delighted to report everything was perfect!
Got the mad professor pathologist again - he has done scans for me before and I adore him cos he is wacky, which makes me realise I am attracted to crazy - as in unconventional - men (but that is an aside) - and so all in all it was a pleasurable experience. Nothing like having tests and all is fine!!!
Yes, it does show my extreme anxiety re my health; if it were not for my cancer history, doubt I would have bothered. Or would I have? Probably would have cos the pain has persisted.
Mad-cap professor wrote: "the features suggest that the discomfort may be muscular in origin and may also be related to inflammation of iliotibial band. However, no obvious abnormality could be demonstrated in particular, no masses are noted. No effusions. No blah blah blah...."
Oh, and he told me to stretch BEFORE I get onto the treadmill.
Here's to good health!

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