Monday, February 11, 2013

Kinda tough two weeks ahead

The unveiling of my dad's tombstone is on Sunday. On Saturday we are fulfilling one of the requirements of his will that "either now, or at the end of the month, or at a later stage if that suits you better, to go to the Mount Nelson Hotel to toast my life and send the bill to L (the family lawyer) so that it comes out of my estate" (my paraphrase).
My dad loved the Mount Nelson Hotel and so we have booked for lunch. This is now "at a later stage" as we were certainly not up to it before.
And then on Friday we are going to his former high school to view the bench with his name on, another request (bequest?) of his will.
Then after that weekend, luckily preceded by a bit of a holiday, I arrive back to a week of tests. My annual am-I-ok tests. So Monday have a mammogram and ultrasound scheduled for 10, then Tuesday doing bloodtests, Wednesday an abdominal scan and chest x-ray and Friday I see The Tango Man.
Apart from the blood tests, get all the test results straight away.
Then, on top of that, my workplace is in crisis, with people - including my boss - having lost their jobs and although I am not on the list (yet?), as the section I work on is closing in three weeks I believe (I have not been officially informed of this closure), I will have a goodness-knows-what new job.
Maybe then it's not surprising I have been eating more. One and a half kilograms up. Nightmare. Far more concerned re that than work because it affects my arm which is, according to The Lymph Lady, "pretty much where it was last week". Which wasn't very good.
Anyway.. hope this didn't sound like a moan. Don't wish to moan. Just doing adult things. But the work tension in the background doesn't help much either.
Here is to perfectly healthy and normal test results and to being strong at the unveiling....I miss my dad. He was a remarkable man, lucky in life (as he repeatedly said) and lucky in death, having died peacefully without any serious illness, at the age of 90. His body just shut down over 3-4 days and my sisters and I were there at his side, at home, for those days.

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