Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Had my hips x-rayed today

The pain in my hip area has become more intense. Realistically, probably because I have done the treadmill rather than the bike at gym for the last two sessions.
Have been to two physios re this, each once.
The first said I had a torn glute, some hassle with some-or-other joint and something else I don't remember.
The second - a woman in my yoga class who said from what I was doing in yoga she didn't think my glute was torn - well, she said there was a little lump (she never used that word) which felt like a former injection site, a something, maybe a bit of fatty tissue.
Knowing my cancer history, she said she didn't think it was mets cos breast cancer tends to spread to the lungs or brain, she said (no idea if that is true as I know liver is a biggie) but if I was worried and it persisted, to go see my doctor, my general practioner, whom she happens to know.
Well, a month later, the pain is still there.
Today, walking around the office, it felt sore so I phoned the doctor, got a cancellation booking and left straight away.
He spent ages discussing it. I am impatient and said: "Aren't you going to examine me?" but I realise his value in trying to determine if it was a kidney problem, a circulation problem etc etc.
Anyway, he said my circulation was excellent although I cannot remember why he said so, and then sent me for an ex-ray and ultra-sound at the hospital where his rooms are.
I was pretty horrified when they said that the doctor needed to do that type of scan works only on Mondays. And this is a top-notch hospital. Unimpressed. Next Monday I am away so made an appointment to have the ultra-sound on Monday February 4.
Then when I came back to the office, made an appointment at a major private hospital in Sandton where I am going at 2.30 tomorrow.
But had the hips ex-ray (both sides) and am delighted to report that every single thing the doctor read out to me later was perfect, re alignment and all.
So thrilled my hips are healthy. Now the ultra-sound better go well tomorrow.            

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