Monday, January 21, 2013

Missed the anniversary of my diagnosis

Was chatting to the biokineticist this morning during our session, when I suddenly realised I had forgotten about January 15. 'Cos it written on the top of this blog, I remember the date but didn't give it a second thought on the day itself.
Think that is a good thing. That I am not obssessed re the cancer.
Am so grateful that I am so well.
However, the anxiety is building up for the next battery of tests. Very aware of them. In fact, spent quite a bit of time this morning confirming my mammogram and ultrasound appointment for the 18th of February, checking that the blood tests I need don't require fasting and booking an appointment for a chest x-ray and an abdominal scan on Wednesday February 20.
So kinda bracing myself for the barrage of tests which culminate in my appointment with The Tango Man on the Friday. Oh, didn't check that one but will do so tomorrow.
Nothing like being prepared.
In previous years have taken cake to the oncology centre on February 5, the day I started chemo four years ago, which also happens to be World Cancer Day.
This time gonna wait till I see The Tango Man, till I know I am ok. Al so, all the nurses who were there - barring one - have now all left so they don't know me but still I am so grateful...will see.
Don't think I will ever forget that date, February 5, but then I forgot January 15 and one must move on in health and vigour and not cling to the memory of days gone by.
I just pray that all will be well this time.


  1. Congratulations on the anniversary and congratulations on being healthy enough to forget all about it!

  2. Here's to forgetting anniversaries - congrats!!

  3. Thanks so much. Yes, also think it was a good thing.