Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Now have a stiff finger and a sore hand

Kinda pissed off. Kinda concerned. Kinda taking it in my stride but my middle finger on my at-risk-for-lymphedema arm is sore and stiff, although not visibly swollen, and the hand is also sore.
Eventually contacted The Lymph Lady today. She told me not to be alarmed, but just to "keep going as normal, and watch it for a few days". Not sure what watching it for a few days really means but am scheduled to see her for a routine check-up next Wednesday, so hopefully it will either be better by then or else won't mean much.... lol..... ja......
Anyway, there is no visible swelling and I did tell her that I am spending much time stretching and bending my fingers and she said that is perfect.
Did do an exercise with my biokinetist on Monday which I said put too much pressure on my hand and hurt and so stopped it. Now wonder if my hand started hurting only since then..... cannot remember. Also have not done yoga for two weeks - bunked last week and there wasn't a class this week......oh finger and hand, get better!!


  1. What made your finger sore in the first place? I am sorry you are having to go through another challenge. What a pain. My husband got a stiff finger and had to have surgery. Not fun but it was necessary...

  2. I think it's lymph. The fact that I have borderline/low level lymphedema. Luckily, however, it is much better today.