Monday, January 16, 2012

Cheryl Radford of Indigo Dreaming has died

Just read in alli-lifeintransition's  
blog that Cheryl Radford of Indigo Dreaming 
blog had died. Breast cancer. Cheryl has always been very sweet and very kind and very concerned and we often communicated via our respective blogs.
She lived in New South Wales, Australia.

At this moment there is nothing about her death on her blog but Alli of lifeintransition
wrote yesterday:
Today a very special friend  Cheryl Radford  lost her fight to Secondary Breast Cancer.  Cheryl suffered a great deal towards the end of her life. Haydn her husband called me this afternoon. He was very specific in his words. He said "Please feel Happy for our Cheryl, she is finally at Peace, she has no more pain and hopefully she is now another Angel"! He went on to say she never lost her spirit, everyday no matter how difficult she never complained! He was amazed at her courage...Most of all her dignity She died peacefully.
I will truly miss her. Cheryl was an outstanding woman.
Damn this bloody Cancer. It steals, takes lives  like a thief in the night. Creates havoc and chaos in families. Leaves children motherless.
Rest in Peace Dear Cheryl You left us far too soon! 
Love Always Alli........XXX


  1. I am the community nurse that looked after Cheryl and I just want to make comment that she was one of the most inspirational courageous women I have ever met. Her concerns were always of others and was always trying to solve their problems right to the end. I will miss our chats and my love goes out to the family. Especially Hayden who made it possible for her to stay at home. Cheryl was were she wanted to be beside the man she loved.

    1. According to Alli, a fellow blogger, Hayden wasn't on the computer much and possibly didn't have the password for Cheryl's computer. This means that her blog, which is so informative and interesting and honest about breast cancer, just ends suddenly. Would it be possible for you - or someone - to assist him in posting the news of her death? Just wondering...

  2. Cheryl's passing is our collective loss Gillian. Her affect on those who knew her as inspirational as it was far reaching...I live in Canada. My name is Sean and I am a bereaved father of a beautiful 11yr old boy, Damon. This is how I met Cheryl, on the memory-of sites. Over the last 4 years, we kept in contact through emails supporting each other while we searched for answers. I also followed her blog. All of my days I will remember the dignity and courage Alli speaks of. God bless you.