Monday, January 16, 2012

Mystery of the swollen ankle resolved

The Lymph Lady 2 whom I saw today - and really, too scared to talk but my arm seems fine now, at last, weeks and weeks and weeks post-mytrip - is a phsyiotherapist and she asked about my ankle (it has a gauze bandage wrapped around it, as per the doctor's actions as he said the compression would help the swelling). Well, she redid the bandage (my own attempts were clearly a bit pathetic plus she said the entire heel had to be covered too - the doctor had not done that), and felt the ankle. It is a sprained ligament, she said.
Now, whether that is from the fall or from yoga or gym, who knows (think it must be the fall), but at least it's not gout so I can continue to eat my sardines and anchovies without a second thought!

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