Friday, September 16, 2011

Raised calcium and low vitamin D

This has really been a month of tests. For some inexplicable reason, this is the month I have scheduled many of my annual tests: the opthamologist, gynae (have to have Z-sampler every six months) and my thyroid doctor (endocronologist). Next month is the oncologist.
One hassle about this is that it costs me a lot of money. For example, the gynae cost me R1660 of which the medical aid paid back R527. Look, I am grateful to have access to such good doctors and am lucky I can afford to see them but the reality is that I then tend to spend the equivalent on something frivolous - and why not? If I always have the money to spend on the excess costs when it comes to my health - and I do believe in prioritising my health, why shouldn't I spend the equivalent on something fun and fulfilling?
Anyway, this week I had to have a series of blood tests before seeing The Thyroid Doc. Guess I could call him Mr Sexy. He had said a year ago that he needed to look at my general health and so he was scheduling me to do a series of tests. When I got thrush in my mouth, I did the glucose fasting test earlier this year. But did all the others this week.
And the results have thrown me a little.
My thyroid and cholesterol were perfect. In fact, my cholesterol was 4.9 which for me is excellent. And then in the general examination, my resting heart rate was 64 which I am totally chuffed about as I am clearly getting fitter by the second, and my blood pressure was 104 over 70. And I had lost 3kg since last year.
So far all very good.
But... my calcium is slightly raised (2.6-something instead of 2.3 or something) and my vitamin D is very low (15 when 30 is normal and 10 is dire).
Dr Sexy said the raised calcium could be because I am taking calcium pills and so I have stopped them with immediate effect. And he has prescribed this potent vitamin D tab to be taken once a week (rushed out from work today to get them so can start tomorrow) and am scheduled for more tests in two weeks' time.
He also said the raised calcium could a benign tumour on the parathyroids.
But I have been googling "raised calcium low vitamin D" and it all sounds so fakking dire I could vomit.
Oh well, nothing I can do about it right now. Doing the tests on October 11 and getting the results the next day, before Dr Sexy leaves the country for three weeks.


  1. Gillian, overall you would have to be happy with improvements in your general health.
    I have no idea what to make of the calcium and Vit D levels, however, I am so pleased you have been tested and will now be working on bringing things back into balance. With help from an attractive doctor..

  2. I have really low vitamin D levels and have taken the prescription D followed by steady doses of over-the-counter D, plus I am in the sun a lot. I think that low D is related to getting cancer in the first place. I am glad you are getting your level boosted up.