Tuesday, September 13, 2011

the great diet - to prevent swelling

Went to The Lymph Lady on Monday and my arm was a disaster. What I do remember is that it was up everywhere, except for one place, and included a 2mm increase at the wrist, which is most unusual for me, and a whopping ghastly 1cm on the upper arm. No wonder all my t-shirts have been feeling tight.
According to The Lymph Lady, this is all in the upper range for me, but not the worst it has been. Because I have gained weight - 2.4kg since my lowest weight - I am now on a major diet and am seeing her again next week. Already lost 1kg in one day, and today my t-shirt sleeve was loose.
I have a lot at stake. Have stopped the binge eating - The Yoga Man says I have been eating more for about 5 weeks when a certain (not health related) situation caused stress but I was only aware of binge eating when matters re that came to a head about a week ago.
Anyway, luckily I know from the dietician I went to 'cos of the tamoxifen weight gain what to do: minimal protein and no minor mouthful binges/overeating. Last night managed to eat only steamed veggies for supper; tonight I had a little bit of sardines with them and then some fruit salad, but I had done a yoga class. Just hope I don't gain weight.
At least the binge eating stopped. I have replaced it with binge shopping - treating myself to fabulous shoes and clothes. Getting a bonus at work at the end of the month so should be able to balance it out then.
I sound more miserable than I am. Look, I was really miserable a week ago. Not miserable now. Just wanna make sure my arm goes back to normal and that I don't develop lymphedema. It clearly is highly unstable. And I cannot gain more than 1/2kg. Gotta keep my weight down, down, down....

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  1. Hope it goes well with your arm! Binging is certainly understandable sometimes. (I bought a lot of shoes during chemo) Given your arm issues, I suppose shopping is a better binge choice right now - enjoy!