Tuesday, September 20, 2011

and now for what seems to be a bladder infection

I am now going crazy. Cannot stop urinating and it's burning. Yesterday took citrus soda and it disappeared. Now tonight it is insane. Think yoga made it worse and went to the toilet 3 times during yoga and,since I have been home, about .. dunno... six times?
Took the Vitamin D pill calciferol on Saturday and one of its severe side-effects, according to the internet as I didn't get a pamphlet with the pills, is excessive urination. But abdominal pain and burning too?
Then read on the BBC site for hypercalcemia now that one of its symtoms is excessive urination and abdominal pain.
So must I contact the doctor who put me on the calciferol, or my GP?
Think will phone the thyroid doc in the morning, then take it from there. Feeling a little better now. Abdominal pain gone, burning has subsided. Don't feel like I need to go to the loo, although I did go about five minutes ago, before I started writing this.
Going mad. Not happy re this whole hypercalcemia either cos many sites say it is a sign of breast cancer and what I just read, that it has spread to the bones. Now that is all I need. Think am going to phone the thyroid doctor tomorrow and ask him. Or the oncology centre. Gotta know what is going on. But also need to get whatever is causing this excessive urination to stop.

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  1. I know this is scary. I wish you weren't going through this. I am sending wishes for you receiving good news when you get it checked out.