Monday, September 26, 2011

I tested positive for e-coli!

Last week when I had what seemed to be a bladder infection - excessive frequent urination, abdominal pain, and vaginal burning (not only when urinating) - the doctor sent off my urine to be tested. (A preliminary test in the room had revealed all sorts of things: protein and blood are what I remember.)
Well, phoned today to get the results and he said they "grew" a forgot-the-word e-coli. Said the pills I was on were fine for that, should take them for another 5 days (I said I wasn't sure if was 100% better),and I said good-bye and that was that.
"E-coli! That's food poisoning," said my hairdresser, whose salon I had phoned from (had the day off 'cos worked midnight shift on Saturday).
So I phoned the doctor back, spoke to the nurse/receptionist who said it could be from food, and then decided to chill and just go get the new script and that's that.
Well, when I told my biokineticist, she was aghast. So now I also am, well, kinda intrigued. How did that happen?
Am obssessive with hand-washing before I eat/cook, eat super healthily but maybe it was the braai (barbecue) I was at on Sunday... who knows.
Meanwhile, the oncology centre phoned today. Took about three days for them to return my two calls and was planning a bitchy posting on that, but anyway, they said that The Tango Man said not to worry re the increased calcium levels, that he was glad I had stopped the calcium supplements and there was no need to see him earlier, something I know which is impossible anyway as he is going away on Tuesday until a few days before I see him on the 17th as they had to postpone my original apppointment.
Anyway, just got a call from The Lymph Lady. Had asked if I could wear support panties/underwear as I know I am not allowed to wear anything tight. Just for one outfit which I bought today, I said, and not the one which goes up to the boobs. If it's occasional, you can, she said.
So anyway, I am fine. Saw The Lymph Lady this morning too (the question came later, after I bought this skimpy dress), and my arm was even better than last week.
Oh, and I had my hair cut and highlighted and it looks really fab (the pic on this blog was taken ages ago) but forgot to get the hairdresser to take a pic so will get one taken another time...

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  1. Bummer about the e-coli! I've never heard of it affecting the bladder like that. But glad you know what's going on & getting treated.
    Look forward to seeing a pic of the new do.