Thursday, October 13, 2011

Solved the calcium problem

It was with great relief that I heard the centre manager's voice on the phone yesterday. I was being phoned with the results of my blood tests done the day before, the ones which would check my calcium levels three weeks after stopping the calcium supplements, the ones which would tell me if had parathyroidism and needed an operation to have them removed.
Well if it was her on the phone, rather than The Sexy Doc, I clearly didn't need an operation, surely?
And I was right. So relieved that I barely asked for the results, she said my parathyroids were normal, my calcium was 2.56 instead of the normal rate of 2.55 but had clearly come down, I just had to stay off the calcium tabs. By implication my glucose was clearly also fine but there was no indication of what tests I had to have next, or when.
But I don't have to have an operation, my calcium is practically normal, and so I am relieved.
Had more blood tests today, this time for the oncologist I am seeing again on Monday for my four-monthly check-up. Now those better be ok too.

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