Thursday, September 22, 2011

No more trauma

Just realised that the oncology centre did not phone me back re my query whether my raised calcium levels were any cause for concern, but feeling ok about things now.
As I said to The Lymph Lady, and then repeated to two friends last night, at least I am in tip top condition so if anything is wrong, I will deal with it.
Saw my GP today as I have a bladder infection. Checked with the thyroid doctor yesterday, and he said my symptoms had nothing to do with the Vitamin D pill he had subscribed.
Anyway, the GP said when he had been sent the results of my blood tests last week, he had barely noted the raised calcium as it was minor. And could be linked to the lowered vitamin D levels. That, he said, he had circled, saying low vitamin D levels were so rife in, ironically, "sunny South Africa" that the cost of the test had decreased from R700 to R300 because of increased demand.
He also said he doubted my raised calcium was anything serious and said, after I had asked, that he had seen patients whose levels were raised 'cos of supplements. And The Lymph Lady, whom I saw yesterday, said vitamins and supplements can be toxic and are not neccessarily all excreted through urine.
Oh, and two bits of great news: the GP confirmed my resting heart rate is 64 - I can barely believe I am so fit as my cardio has been capped and I don't do much at all, neither in terms of intensity nor frequency, going to gym only 3X a times, yoga once, and never doing more than 70% of my heart capacity, as instructed. Just shows that consistency pays!
And the other great news is that my arm is back to being perfect. Semi starved myself, lost weight, and all is well.
Just have to keep my weight down. (Oh, ate loads of cheese at a wine festival last night so today it wasn't perfect, but that is another story.....)
Now just frustrated cos cannot exercise cos on antibiotics for infection. Was so restless today that did a stretch on the balcony at work and then took a brisk walk down the road.
Feeling ok so pretty confident I am ok.
Off to Fashion Week tonight.

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