Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Week three of little lymph massage

I am so tired of being sick. Not 'cos I feel ill, 'cos I don't, but because it means I cannot do lymph massage.
Got better last week 'cos stayed home on Tuesday and doctored myself, so on Friday saw The Lymph Lady. "You sure you better? Sure you want to do this (lymph massage)?" she asked. I was sure. And sure enough, later that day I became worse.
By Saturday I was much better, so left the massage till was certain I was ok. On Sunday night The Yoga Man said I was still a little nasal, so decided not to go to gym the next morning (haven't been for weeks now). But when I woke up on Monday, felt so great that decided to do lymph massage. And true enough, an hour and a half later, I had a cold.
By today, I was what we call in Afrikaans gatvol (at the end of my tether). So off I went to the doctor.
I have a sinus infection. He said I will feel better soon-soon. So will be able to go back to gym by Monday, will be able to see The Lymph Lady for another session on Monday too, and hopefully, will be able to do manual lymph drainage massage "as soon as I feel better", which should hopefully be within a day or two. Start the medication tomorrow, with breakfast.
* Oh, one thing I was delighted about. My resting heart rate used to be 80. That was post treatment, with minimal cardio allowed.
Then earlier this year I was allowed to up my cardio to about 70% of my heart capacity. I have been meaning to measure my heart rate again but haven't done so and today the doctor confirmed what I had thought/seen on the machines at the gym. My resting heart rate is now 72. He said that is standard. Chuffed, cos cardio is still capped. So shows I went back to an ok level of fitness pretty quickly.

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