Wednesday, September 7, 2011

In a silly quandary

My arm is up. I can feel it. Everything is tight. It looks bigger too although sometimes I think it doesn't and it's just the angle I am looking at it.
I have gained 2.4kg from my lowest weight. 1.3kg of that since last Friday when I got stressed about something - not health-related - and went on a compulsive eating binge, something I haven't done in years. Well not consistently, something beyond eating one thing cos of stress.
Now I am still fatter although hoping tomorrow I will have lost some of it.
My quandary is this: do I wear a compression sleeve for a few days to help my arm? Or do I wait till I see The Lymph Lady again on Monday, after which I will probably have to wear it, maybe even forever, so why ruin the next few days? And it's so hot too, summer is starting here....And I don't feel like adding any stress or discomfort to my life.
Think I will get onto the scale tomorrow and decide. If my weight is down but my arm isn't, will wear it, although goodness knows what clothes I will wear to cover the sleeve in this heat....
If my weight is still the same, will not bother with the sleeve. My left arm is a little thicker - marginally - than my right arm, and weight gain, even of 2kg, would accentuate the feeling of thickness even more.

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