Monday, July 18, 2011

to wear or not to wear that damn sleeve

The Yoga Man thinks I have adult asthma. It's much worse than the childhood one, he says, which just goes away.
Don't you think you're being a bit dramatic, I ask. It's just flu, only been a week.... I mumble.
Exactly, he says. Dramatic. That fits you.
Bloody hell.....
Anyway, the fact is I am still sick. Would normally not give a damn. Yes my chest feels tight, yes my voice is not that great (it sounds gravelly) but I mostly feel fine.
The trouble is that I cannot do lymph massage when I am sick. And the days are passing and I am not getting better.
Is this tight chest caused from Herceptin, I wonder. Or am I just being neurotic. (Only last night read Joanna's blog, Life has its ups and downs  which referred to how, once you're had cancer, every little niggly pain becomes a major calamity.)
But my arm is not feeling great. So do I wear the sleeve? Wear it, says The Yoga Man, who doesn't think the sleeve is a big deal at all. Not sure I have the courage. It fills me with despair. Will see how I feel tomorrow. Just pulled up the sleeve of my t-shirt and looked at my arm. It looked fine to me. Will decide tomorrow. Maybe I will stay home tomorrow - again - (did so one day last week too) in an attempt to shake off this lurgy once and for all - for the sake of my arm and my anxiety re lymphedema.


  1. Hi Gillian,

    I think you need to get to the point that you can feel when some edema is developing and to develop insight in recognizing when things are going well. Have you had edema in the past? Apparently lymhedema can rear its ugly head up to 15 years after surgery, but maybe it never will. I hope this is true for you. You do seem to do all the right things to be one of the lucky ones who will not develop the condition.

    I hope you feel better soon.


  2. Use your judgement - you know your body best. I know it's depressing, but having to deal with a flare-up is, too. Take it easy. Biggest thing is to get better.