Sunday, July 10, 2011


Was driving to see The Lymph Lady the other day when I thought: Oh well, if I have lymphedema, then maybe that's the price I have to pay for not having cancer.
"What an about-turn!" remarked The Lymph Lady, and I suppose it is a change in attitude.
Meanwhile, though, happy to report that I don't have lymphedema. Still borderline though. Most recently my arm was up 4mm at the top though. I am now going only twice a month but did communicate with her via SMS today though, even though it's a Sunday, cos have had an incredibly sore throat which is possibly caused from blocked sinusus forcing me to breathe through my mouth. Didn't do my manual lymph drainage massage yesterday and contacted her to ask her what to do, but by the time she had responded had already done it. She said to wait another day and see how I feel, so I won't do it tonight. (Doing the massage when you are ill just makes the lymphedema/borderline lymphedema worse.)
Anybody else out there doing regular lymph drainage massage?


  1. Good to know about your report.keep the restrictions alive and you will have a better report soon.Border line means you have to now take that extra care.

  2. Gillian I am very careful with manual lymphatic massage having developed cellulitis after one session.
    I do think that becoming an 'observer' of our own body is very beneficial although it is easy to become 'paranoid.'
    So glad that you do not have full blown lymphoedema though.