Monday, June 20, 2011

yoga vs lymph massage

The Yoga Man said that if only I could put weight on my arm and do inversions, I would not need to do manual lymph drainage massage.  That the inversions would do the trick and help keep lymphedema at bay.
Asked The Lymph Lady about it today and although we didn't discuss the value of yoga in fighting lymphedema (she has previously said it was good for me), she did say:
* yoga inversions help oedema/edema (swelling as opposed to lymphedema swelling); and
* the manual lymph drainage scores 'cos it opens up lymph nodes so that the lymph has somewhere to move to.
Apparently the internet is abuzz with how yoga helps lymphedema.These benefits are ,however, general ones rather than "as opposed to massage". Will research it, get The Lymph Lady's opinion, and report back.


  1. Gillian this response is about my own experience.
    Having been 'robbed' of the use of my right arm after recurrence in the brachial plexus and now soft tissue clavicular recurrence, I had always used yoga and Tai Chi, along with occasional manual lymphatic drainage. Due to conflicts with appointments, along with the Easter break, etc I have missed both yoga and Tai Chi classes for the past couple of months. I now find myself in fairly serious trouble with lymphoedema and oedema. Give me back my yoga and Tai Chi classes for sure. My husband actually wants to see me pay for private lessons due to the benefits which he has observes on a daily basis. Thank you also to BKS Iyengar for his dedication to the cause.

  2. I agree. Yoga and tai chi are both great> I did tai chi for years, and was doing a quick pose or two in the mornings and up to 5 classes a week, when I hurt my knee - as a result of doing it incorrectly and letting my knees go over my toes in a squat.
    Loads of physio and biokinetics later, I have no problems with my knee at all - until I do tai chi. Then it starts to hurt, not during the class, but later that night or the next day.
    Well what I am trying to say in the most longwinded way is that I used to be totally hooked on tai chi. Now I like yoga and find it very beneficial but if I could, would go back to tai chi like a shot.

  3. Actually the patient knows what is best for the disease.Yoga is generally good but what is suited for this particular disease you are the best person to stay.