Monday, June 20, 2011

Grrrr! Cross with myself

Now before I even start please don't write saying that I am hard on myself. I am causing my own hassles so need to reprimand myself. Basically my arm is up in a million places but luckily not so bad that I need to wear a compression sleeve - and my weight is also up. And that is what I need to control because my weight affects my arm. So those two handfuls of pitted dates I ate just now were not one bit necessary and I need to translate the refrain "Oh I must lose weight" into concrete action ie avoidance!!
Meanwhile had an annoying day. Someone asked me to do something and instead of being the enthusiast they expected, I said "no" and explained why. They walked off saying they would speak to XXX, in other words,
talk to somebody who would make me do it. Dunno why people cannot cope if someone says "no" but I also know that I am far more aggressive than I realise and maybe I should have handled it more sensitively. But I have no time for people's sensitivities over junk - ok ok, intolerant but see no reason why I have to agree to everything that is proposed.
Then I went to testdrive a car and everything went wrong - from the sales assistant not knowing something about the car I did (from reading their website on the internet), then her showing me a car which was out of the price range I requested, then when we did get a car for me to testdrive, it had no petrol!!!!!! So after one minute, I drove back to the dealership.
So it has been quite a day. But inside me am fine. Just a little annoyed. And at least can just chill tonight. Gonna make salmon and steamed veggies for supper. And that's not any different to what I normally make........

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