Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A few more details re my visit to The Tango Man

Was so relieved that I was ok on my four-monthly checkup that I posted on my phone from the reception of the oncology centre and never really wrote anything else about my visit, beyond the fact that now allowed to up my cardio (exercise) by 5 minutes provided I do it gradually.
(Whew! That was a long sentence...)
Anyway,when you know you ok - at least for that day and can go off and do your thing for the next four months till the next visit - nothing else matters. So I forgot to discuss the oral thrush I had - and why - which had prompted me to go for a diabetes test on a doctor's recommendation. Forgot to discuss my nails which are still splitting a little. But did mention how the fingers on my right hand (the one not at risk of lymphedema) are slightly swollen and one ring broke and had to remove the other. The Lymph Lady had said it might be from tamoxifen which can cause water retention but The Tango Man said he really didn't know and was so unconcerned, so was I. If he is not worried about something, why should I be but it is maybe worth noting that now those fingers are slightly sore when I bend them.
Anyway, the visit started with the usual blood pressure and weight test. Weight was the same as four months ago although for me I was up a kilo (then went down again and now up again - I hover within a kilo at the moment). Blood pressure was the usual excellent - 110 or 120 over 70 I think. Nurse said it was the same as last time, or more or less the same.
Then I spent some time trying to catch the eye of the other, more senior nurse: was she meeting my eye or was she avoiding me, because I know they have a meeting every morning and each patient for the day is discussed. What did she know that I didn't?
Then he saw me early, as usual, and to me he looked a little older. Guess we both are. Then he said well you know your tests are fine - and I interrupted in my usual rude manner to say - no, I don't - and he said the doctors would have told me and I was confused and he was referring to the colonoscopy and I guess he would have gone on to discuss the diabetes test but I interrupted again and said I didn't know about the blood tests. They're fine, he said. And suddenly life was fine again. (The blood tests include liver and breast cancer marker). In fact, I asked him, when he handed me the form for the next set of blood tests before my next visit, why it was one particular cancer marker and not another, and he said that it tested for breast cancer antibodies.
Anyway, then came the examination and he was pretty thorough, checking everywhere in the relevant area. Then I asked about exercise and he asked if I had enough energy to do more - I think he was joking - and he said as long as I felt fine. But not to increase intensity. Just the duration.
And I walked out feeling like a million dollars!!!
Looking at my blog the other day, I realised it is not clear from the heading that I am now fine. In fact, worked out after this visit, that it is now more than 2 years that I don't have cancer in my body. Cos it went away completely after four chemo treatments and that was in about April 2009 so now it is more than two years of, to use the American term, NED (No Evidence of Disease). May it continue.

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  1. Hear, hear! Yes, long may it continue! I wish you many days where you don't think about cancer. Furthermore, I hope that you fall into a pattern where you make plans for your old age and you forget that cancer was ever part of the equation.