Wednesday, May 4, 2011

a quick word

My goodness. It is past midnight and am seeing The Lymph Lady at 8.30am tomorrow (a change of plan, as usually at gym then) and still have to do lymph massage now.
Just to say my arm is not feeling great. Not too bad and did wear a shirt rather than a t-shirt today (haven't worn a shirt in years) and it felt ok, but did feel slightly thicker in the upper arm when got to yoga tonight.
Just praying that it is either in my imagination only, or else it's a minor aberration. As much as it is winter here now and so wearing a sleeve wouldn't be as bad as if it was summer, am doing a yoga workshop all day on Saturday and would be most perturbed if had to do it in a long-sleeved t-shirt and with limited mobility cos of the sleeve. Ag, as The Yoga Man says, I need to distinguish between what is "ok feeling funny" and "not ok feeling funny" as often I swear my arm is swollen and then The Lymph Lady measures it and it's fine. Oh well....

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