Wednesday, May 4, 2011

the ups and downs of "high-risk for lymphedema"

Well saw The Lymph Lady today and my arm was up - quite a lot - 8mm on the middle, upper arm. Also up a few mm at the elbow and a little at the very top but down 1mm at the rest and cannot remember middle lower arm. So no wonder have been aware of my arm.
As I told The Lymph Lady today, had decided if my arm was ok, was going to cancel next week's appointment and see her only every two weeks, and eventually once a month.
But now it's back again next week, and just gotta pray it goes down. In the meantime, it's lymph massage twice a day as per usual to ward off that damn compression sleeve.
Had flu while I was away and could not do manual lymph drainage for about a week (it makes the lymph worse), so guess that might have caused it. But the increases still within my normal fluctuating range, she said. Bloody nerve-wracking although not freaked out. Just an annoying and anxiety-ridden nuisance.

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