Thursday, March 3, 2011

What a celebration!

Ever since I read her latest posting on her blog last night, I cannot stop thinking about Julie Goodale's wonderful way in which she is going to celebrate her 10th year of surviving breast cancer.
As she puts it, "So, on May 7, I'll be running a race to celebrate 10 years of not being dead." But being Julie, she of the indominatable spirit and determination, she is doing a 50-mile race, an ultramarathon.
"Run, Julie, Run - The Next Big Thing" is what she calls her posting on her blog
Read it. The exhiliration of what I feel about what she is doing goes beyond cancer-schmancer; it is about celebrating life, it is about overcoming any adversity and what a change from those who slump around feeling sorry for themselves. It is about how we deal with things that is important.
Meanwhile, I still have to do my manual lymph drainage massage and then get ready to go off to work. But work up this morning and thought: wow, Julie, you are something else.
By the way, Julie is a musician (viola player) who lives in New York and is also a qualified cancer exercise musician. Only know her from her blog, but what a gal! She speaks to me! Run, Julie, run!!!! I will be there in spirit supporting you all the way. Do it for yourself, do it for all of us.


  1. A lovely post and tribute to a very special human being Gillian. Many thanks.

  2. It's good to have someone to admire in tough times.