Wednesday, March 9, 2011

this blog helps me

When someone remarked in my yoga class: "Did I have oedema?" (she knew I had had cancer and was referring to my not doing a pose which required body weight rather than what my arm looks like), I immediately wanted to chat .... and then realised that although I say I am fine, and grateful all is ok, I actually have a desperate need to talk about what happened. Which is probably why I have this blog. It was just something I knew, the day I got diagnosed. I, who until then had hated all blogs, knew I wanted to start a blog. So here it is. I am pretty sure I am boring everyone cos I seem to have less readers - guess my major health obsession is now my arm and its borderline lymphedema - but it helps me a lot and hopefully, sometimes helps others too.
Which reminds me: is there anyone out there doing manual lymph drainage massage? I am very keen to know how often you do it, how it impacts on your life, how often you see an expert and anything else you wish to share.

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