Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Not diabetic

Relief. Not diabetic. Can still taste the glucose in my mouth from the glass of 75% concentrate that I had to drink for it.
Am very glad I am not diabetic. Had enough illness in my life, what with overactive thyroid which was totally debilitating and messed up my life for five and a half months during which I lived in a blur, and messed up my eyes big-time with thyroid eye disease, and then breast cancer.
So very relieved.
But still have oral thrush..... wonder why.


  1. Oh, so glad! What a relief to not have one more disease on your list. I'm really happy for you.

  2. Thanks so much, Julie. I would have dealt with it if I had had to, but so much better to be free of an additional anxiety.
    I am so conscious of the fact that I come across as if I am semi-permanently freaked out. In reality, yes, I do get miff about my arm, but for the rest am bouncy, and out and about. At the moment it's the South African Dance Umbrella, which I am attending daily. And it's about a minute or so to midnight... go to bed late (mostly at about 1am), wake up early and always it's go-go-go!