Monday, February 28, 2011

diabetes test at crack of dawn

Arm ok. Well, it was up - 3cm or was it 2? - at the very top and the other parts have not gone down although it was the top that made the t-shirt tight.
But as long as don't have to wear compression sleeve, I am happy. Just gotta get it down and don't know how. "You are doing all you can," said The Lymph Lady.
Anyway, now have to do for diabetes test tomorrow. It can take three hours as they give you glucose, wait, do a test etc etc.
Besides the fact that I don't wanna be diabetic - who does? - I am concerned as to how I am going to be there at 7.30am AND do lymph massage before I go.
Also, all those blood tests and no veins, thanks to the chemo!!
But that is all minor compared to what the test is for. I cannot believe I could be diabetic - really - as I can honestly say I eat so healthily and have for years and years, plus I exercise, plus there isn't diabetes in our family.
But I have had oral thrush to varying degrees in the past three weeks or so, and now have to say my mouth is dry. When Dr Diabetes Expert heard I had oral thrush and my GP had suggested a diabetes test, he agreed! And he is a world-renowned diabetes expert.
So it's dance umbrella tonight - cannot wait! - then to bed early (difficult but will try) to be up at crack of dawn to go the Centre for Diabetes and Endocronology for the test tomorrow.

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