Monday, March 28, 2011

all going well

So chuffed to report that my weight is going down. Was down a kilo this morning. Didn't eat my lunch today - I forgot, something which never happens - and didn't binge to make up for it and so feel I am on my way to losing the weight. Well, only 0.4kg to get back to normal, and then start the slow descent to losing 10kg....
My arm, however, is not feeling so great. But otherwise I am feeling fine. Loving gym with my new increased energy allowance (does that make sense? what I mean is that I am allowed to do more cardio now) and generally having fun.
Went to a brilliant book launch tonight - Women - South Africans of Indian Origin by Devi Moodley Rajab with portraits by Ranjith Kally. A real celebration of these strong women - "The spirit of questioning and refusal to submit still burns bright"... is an extract which introduces the "emergent voices" section of the book.

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