Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hopping on and off that damn scale

Having a weight hassle. Have been so so chuffed that despite the damn tamoxifen which made me gain about 5-6kg without eating more, I had managed to lose most of it by going to this dietician and cutting down severly on what I eat, mostly far less protein. That way, I was down to 1.4kg above the weight I was when diagnosed, and the only reason I know that is cos The Tango Man kept telling me! Ja I know I wasn't thin when I got diagnosed, but at least I wasn't that fat and those extra kilograms had made me miserable.
Well, all was well until this week. Went out with my friend Carlos and we had a big out. All fine and well. We ate lotsa ribs and a baked potato each... all fine and well.... usually, these days, when I have a pig out, just one day of normal eating and I am fine. But not this time. Have actually gained more weight since Thursday's meal and yesterday was so miserable that I went on a binge - ate crisps, a frozen yoghurt and then was easily talked into having a cream pasta for dinner.... oh and just remembered had two slices of cheese focaccio during bookclub....
Ok. Back to a super-strict regime cos of course am getting worried about my arm. It felt dreadful last night... well, what I mean is that my shrug - is that a commonly used word worldwide for a wrap-over tie-in-front cardigan-type thing? - felt a little tight at the upper arm.
Sjoe! Feel much better having written all that down. Can see it in perspective now. And maybe, just maybe, will stop hopping on and off that scale in case it's been a misreading!!
Otherwise, am well. Just shitty, drizzly weather here in Joburg. Which might mess up the Francophone Day at the Alliance Francaise I was planning to go to. Will still probably go - it's an annual event and fab - but looking at that grey sky...
Meanwhile, marvelling that Joanna played tennis throughout chemo and radiation... read her blog life has its ups and downs and be inspired..... love such positive stories!

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  1. Hi Gillian,

    You are sweet to add my blog to your list. I have been trying to add yours to my bloglist for the last half hour and it won't let me. But I will persevere!