Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's amazing what you can get used to

Was thinking the other day. I remember being so upset when, at high risk for lymphedema, I was banned from wearing underwire bras. Now I have fantastic bras, or should I say, had fantastic bras. Mostly Warners, which is no longer stocked in South Africa because of their high cost, my friend brings them out for me from New York on her annual visits here. Plus I bought a pile when I was in the States.
"Take out the underwire," said The Lymph Lady. But it took me ages to do so. And some worked fine without the wire; others, especially those that tie in the front, didn't.
It was all such a big deal at the time. And now, I was thinking, it's nothing. I still have masses of bras, they are just more ordinary. And whenever I find Triumph bras without underwire - have found three styles, all fab - I buy at least one, or two.
It's like my father always says: "It's amazing what people can get used to".
Oh, and just a quick update: my nails! Suddenly realised this week that the nails on my thumbs are long, and hard!! It seems that six months post Herceptin ending, things are settling down. Fabulous!


  1. Hi Gillian -
    Congratulations on all those things that feel more positive now! I want to let you know that we included your blog on our Inspirational Cancer Blog Directory. Thank you for sharing your journey, as it is very helpful to those who have just been diagnosed. Here is the link to the directory if you would like to take a look http://www.navigatingcancer.com/cancer/breast/blogs
    Wishing you good health and happiness Gillian!

    Becky Walker
    Navigating Cancer

  2. Thanks. Went to the directory and found some interesting blogs.Always intriguing to read people's experiences from all over the world and how things differ - for example, have never heard of cold capping here, in South Africa, to avoid hair falling out from chemo.