Monday, November 1, 2010

Up and down, up and down, up and down

After being rather exuberant cos I was on holiday in Cape Town for a week and it seemed that I could start cutting down on my visits to The Lymph Lady, and so save some money and also just bladywell relax about everything, things kinda fell apart a little this morning.
My arm is up in three or four places. So hassled re it, can't remember which. Ok, the wrist is up 1mm so that doesn't really count, then I think it's halfway up my lower arm that is up 3mm I think - or is it 2mm? - and my upper arm is up 2 or is it 3mm? Think the middle of my upper arm is also up, 2mm or 3mm.
Not a calamity yet but if it goes up again, no matter how little, will be wearing that damn compression sleeve again.
The Lymph Lady says my arm is always going to be like this - up and down - and that it could be caused by the flights to Cape Town, and also the heat this morning. Could feel this weekend that my arm was not feeling lekker, and mentioned it to my sister.
It feels much worse tonight.
And I only gained half a kilogram on holiday, which I am sure I will lose soon, so it can't be that.
Oh just want to say that this blog is among the best things I have done. Was really chuffed today when saw a comment from someone who has moved to Joburg, has lymphedema and asked for a recommendation on who to see. Emailed her with the info. So glad to be of help and that this blog is a way of assisting others, even if it's just the reassurance of recognition of a common dilemma or situation, cos it's not all about dilemmas -or is it?

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  1. I was skimming through other blogs and yours caught my attention. I thought you might be interested to see what our school is doing to help fight breast cancer. We have raised over $10,000 in the past 3 weeks and 80% of our students are considered in poverty. It's a very inspirational story that might help peoples spirits.

    Best wishes,
    Michelle Perk (The teacher)