Tuesday, November 23, 2010

my scalp is still tender

As I no longer own a brush or comb (nothing to do with the cancer and losing my hair, it's just that I had short, cropped hair for hairs and such items were superfluous), I am seldom in touch with my scalp. That is, I wash it every day with a mild shampoo - the same one I washed my balding hair and stubble when it fell out from the chemo - but do not tug at my hair.
So it was interesting to go to the hairdresser yesterday and notice that my scalp is still super tender. When Carlos just pulled a little on it to put on the highlight mixture, I shrieked. The same when he scrunched my hair with his hand to hold it under the diffuser.
Mmm.. interesting, considering that it is now about 18 months since I finished chemo and have a headful of very healthy looking hair, even if I say so myself. It's bouncy and lekker.

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