Monday, November 22, 2010

here we go round the mulberry bush, the mulberry bush, the mul...

Oy. Went to see The Lymph Lady today and ....

How many of my postings begin like that. It is becoming tedious, even to me. But yes, I went to see The Lymph Lady today and my arm is up in three places: 2mm at the wrist, 3mm above the elbow and 6mm at the top. All those measurements I have had before. But obviously it's not ideal. Not ideal at all.
She said my arm goes up and down 'cos my weight goes up and down. Am almost 1kg up - so it didn't help to eat the two blocks of blueberry lindt now, first time I have encountered that flavour - but also acknowledged that even skinny people get lymphedema, "the disease" she called it.
So, post blueberry lindt, it's back on a strict strict diet, and gonna pray that my arm gets better.
Flying tomorrow. Just two hours. She said I don't have to wear the compression sleeve but should take it with me to Cape Town, in case. I walked in today saying I wasn't happy with my arm..... I tend to know but often do panic unneccessarily.
Oh, had blood tests today. Nerve-wracking. Have always had a problem with thin veins. Now, post-chemo, it's a bloody nightmare. Plus cannot take blood on my left arm 'cos of the lymphedema risk.
The poor nurse tried twice in the crook of my elbow, then in my hand. I have cotton-wool stuck with plaster all over. Now just have to pray that all goes well with the tests. Seeing the oncologist next week for my three-monthly appointment.
Oh, and had my hair cut. Still kinda growing it but nipped it at the neck and thinned it out and had more highlights put in. Post-chemo, when it grew out, it had a grey tinge. Now that is gone and no grey hairs at all.

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