Monday, November 29, 2010

i am so lucky

Sjoe. Got a call from the oncology centre. Why are you coming tomorrow, they asked? 'Cos I have an appointment, 'cos it's my three-monthly check-up and 'cos I had blood tests last week and you, I said to the nurse, surely cannot give me the results.
Why don't you speak to the oncologist and let me know then, I say, you can even tell me tomorrow.
No, I have to take responsibility. That is what he expects. Then he tells me - hope she wasn't lying - that he had just walked past and nodded in agreement. She said my bloods were fine and although my appointment last month was unscheduled - I had had a scare when I found this strange bit of hardness below my left boob which turned out to be nothing, even under an ultrasound scan - it counted as an appointment and now I did not need to come now.
Also, my bloods were fine, she said. Come in February. So we set up and appointment and I am going in, probably tomorrow, to get info re all the tests I need to have before the next appointment: more bloods, a muga and a mammogram.
So I feel blessed but also a little anxious. But then I did have a scan last time, which was last month. And she said she had kept my call for last thing of the day because she knew I would protest. I have to admit I tried to phone back about five minutes later to check that the date we had chosen was ok - did that give me enough time to have a mammogram and a muga? And even now as I sit here writing, I am thinking: isn't February too late, shouldn't I be seeing him in January to make it three-monthly?
Oy ya yoi. Nervous wreck, I am.But so thrilled, am taking a friend out for supper tonight.
And another bit of good news is that saw The Lymph Lady today and my arm was perfect. If only it could settle down, then I could see her less frequently as it really is costing a fortune. But for peace of mind I do need to see her weekly. Costs a lot - get a lot back from medical aid but still need the money to pay upfront each time - but I don't enjoy the anxiety plus it isn't good for me.
I am gonna be fine, gonna be fine, gonna be fine, I am sure.


  1. One word.......R E L A X !!
    This afternoon in my mail was a lrtter from the outpatient Oncology Clinic. Panic time. I was afraid what the letter said.
    Finally gathering up my courage.


    Have a great week!
    Alli xoxo

  2. Take a deep breath! Now another.... You'll be fine - your blood work is good, you just were seen last month.

    But I know that doesn't always feel good & easy. So, just take a deep breath - and maybe a glass of wine.

    BTW, your hair looks fab!

  3. Alli, ja, you are right but it's hard to relax sometimes. Love your anecdote re the envelope from the oncology clinic.

  4. Oh and Julie, thanks so much for the compliment.