Saturday, November 6, 2010

have a plan

Have decided to stop freaking out about my arm and its swelling.
Could take control and wear the sleeve now but as I might have to soon enough, am going to wait until I see The Lymph Lady on Monday. Then if it is more swollen than last week, when it was up slightly in three places, then going to arrange to see her three times a week and ask if I can pay her at the end of the month rather than at the end of each session.
Then I will wear the sleeve for a while and pray it goes down again.
Then will have one of my new outfits made (bought fab African fabric in Long Street, Cape Town and seeing this designer called Musa on Monday) - well, am going to have one outfit made with long loose sleeves which reach to mid-way on my hand, so that if I do have to wear a damn compression sleeve, it will cover it. And it will be one thin cotton outfit with long sleeves so if I fly long distance and have to wear the sleeve on the flight and the day I land, I have something nice to wear over it.
The Lymph Lady did say that my arm will go up and down. Well the main thing is that it does that. If it does go up and up, and never down, then it's lymphedema, no matter how slight the swelling is. But for now grateful that my swelling is slight. Millimetres still, I hope.

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