Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Waiting for ultrasound

So far it seems Ok. The Tango Man says he doesn't think it is anything to worry about, thinks it's fibrous tissue, and says I will have more of this sort of thing cos I have lost weight. 3kg on his scale but have not eaten lunch.
Anyway, says I need an ultrasound but not urgent. At my convenience, he said. This week? I asked. Yes.
Anyway the nurses said they would organise it for me straight away, so now at the clinic about a 2 minute drive away. Have told work gone for tests and probably won't be back today.
Felt horribly nervous and ill shortly before seeing The Tango Man. Feeling better now. The nurses said if it was urgent he would have phoned from his room for an urgent scan appointment and they wouldn't have been able to leave today till I came back with the results. So they're pretty confident and I love The Tango Man. And The Yoga Man,who had said it felt like fibrous tissue.

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