Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Phew! All fine

What a relief. All fine. The ridge I felt is probably just a cord of breast tissue, said radiologist. But while he was doing the ultrasound on the right breast, he said,"Mmm, think this is a shadow." "What is a shadow? What does it mean?" I asked tentatively, thinking f... hell, one second ago thought I was ok and now I am heading for a double mastectomy cos if it's in the right breast, it's a different cancer. But luckily, I am ok. No shadow, no nothing, all fine, but feeling super tense. Think am going to buy a bottle of whisky on way home and chill rather than go to yoga tonight, will see. "This is how it will be now," said The Yoga Man, and guess this kind of panic will happen again. But I am never getting the cancer back again.

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