Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What the ultrasound report says

Quickly jotted down what the ultrasound report said in its conclusion before I handed it to The Tango Man, well, left it at the oncology centre:
"Dense diffuse fibroglandular changes are present.
No lymphadenopathy.
(The thing I felt in the left breast) is a ridge of normal breast tissue.
Prominant ducts on both sides.
A cyst behind right nipple."

You know, all those years when I went for mammograms and the doctors said: "You have very dense breasts" I never for one second thought that was a bad thing, that it made me high risk for cancer or, at the very least, made things more difficult to detect.

Really, I thought it was a good thing to have dense breasts, that it helped make my breasts so firm.

Oh well. One lives and learns.

Found today so stressful that am now chilling. Going to watch South African Idols shortly, sipping a whisky and ate a custard slice from Moemas in Parktown North and now feel never want to eat again.

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