Thursday, October 7, 2010

my chemo-curls

As I was told - or did I read it - my hair came out curly after it grew out post-chemo. Super curly. And I am loving it.
Recently Carlos, my hairdresser and friend, chopped off the back and am now growing the top bits to my neck so that he can cut it in a style. In the interim, I have bought a pretty vast assortment of alice bands- from a thin gold-coloured band to a pink and white floral one and a black beaded one with a diamante clasp - and wearing it back every day. Carlos also says I have the option of jelling the sides back.
Anyway, tonight I was at an art exhibition at David Krut and this work associate comes up to me and says, while in polite conversation, "Oh, your hair is so curly; is it natural?" (I used to have short cropped hair and so find many people don't recognise me. She did but was astounded, others don't.)
Anyway, I hesitated for a second before answering "Yes". The fact is while one part of me is proud of having recovered so well from having had cancer, and that people cannot believe I was sick; another part of me is ashamed. I don't want people to know. It's part of why I don't want to wear a compression sleeve; it's like walking around with a badge saying "I had cancer".
So I answered this woman saying: "yes" (it's natural).
And I suppose it is. My hair is now naturally curly, even if it wasn't always like this.

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