Tuesday, May 4, 2010

reading breast cancer blogs

Actress Lynn Redgrave died after a seven year fight with breast cancer. And six years ago her daughter and her published a a book about their fight/recovery/whatever.
Depressing. She was ok, then she wasn't and died.
Then somehow from reading up about her, got started on cancer blogs. Got onto an hreceptin side-effects forum/quick poll again and was quite horrified to hear one woman write: "I have my last Herceptin infusion on 3/5/10. The last 4 treatments have had the worst side effects for me."
Yesterday was my fourth last treatment and today is the first time I have missed a day of work because of side effects. Yes, once I left work early the day after cos I felt so bad and the one time I had the bad taste in my mouth I nearly went crazy.
I find reading cancer blogs so sad. Like when their family members come on and continue it cos they have died. Hate that.
Oh well. Going to get on with things now - i mean practical things like reading my book, packing my bag for tomorrow and so on.

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