Tuesday, May 4, 2010

got whacked this time

Didn't go to work today cos was still feeling whacked from the herceptin. It's funny. Every time I have a different reaction. Feeling much better now but did take some panados earlier.
But glad I am at home cos spent most of the morning feeling ... well, as if someone had whacked me over the head. Not a headache. Just exhausted. Thought of my colleague who spent three months away from work on sickleave. Don't think he was on his sick bed. Just wasn't at work. Do know he was in hospital for some of that time but really. Decided there was no need to push myself again and again and again....
Here's another great post from Julie Goodale, the cancer exercise fundi from New York whose blog I follow - it really speaks to me! This time it's about a study - well a collation of other studies - about the benefits of exercising post breast cancer.

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