Tuesday, May 4, 2010

herceptin and hair tinting

Erica the head nurse who resigned and who has now left the oncology centre I go to, told me that I should not tint my hair for six months after I finish herceptin as the roots/whatever are still fragile.
Does anyone know if this is so? My hair itself has often been sore so I am reluctant to go against this advice - but wondering... would love to add some colour to my hair and now that it's so curly, not much I can do with it style-wise either. Trying to grow it cos thought a curly top would be fun but not sure how long that will last - next week maybe? - and if I cut it in a close crop, then more grey bits show and I cannot stand that.
Oh ... realise these are not serious worries. Just curious.
Oh and highlights - those don't affect the roots, or do they?

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