Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My arm is a barometer

Am posting those from my phone which means some of the letters might come out strangely - dunno why it does that - but will correct mistakes when back on line. For now, in bed, with a cold and slight flu. Which brings me to the title of this post. Ever since I had radiation for breast cancer have had slight swelling of my left arm and been under high risk for lymphedema. I have worried probably daily re my arm. Is it swollen? how swollen is it? Its been sore for a few days, was up all over by everything from 0,5cm to 1cm. Was I sickening for something, asked a friend, rubbish I replied. But now am sick in bed, arm feels swollen but this time know that those means I cannot do the manual lymph and even checked that with The Lymph Last today. Exhausted, maybe its all the hot toddys I had. Well, had two, looking forward to ny arming back to normal again, Hope it goes back tp normal soon,

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