Tuesday, February 9, 2010

champagne to celebrate!

Thank goodness after some wobbles today - three calls to the medical aid the 'auth' lady at the oncology centre saying: "How good are you at praying? I think they're going to ask for something else... (yesterday she had been speaking about how maybe they needed a marker to show that I don't have cancer in my body - not sure exactly how one gets that marker....) - I got authorisation of my herceptin treatments at 13:06 today. Phew!! What a relief!
Going tomorrow at 10.30am (wanted to go straight away but for some reason involving needing a script and how The Tango Man would get annoyed at ... whatever, I agreed to go tomorrow.
Had delicious sparkling wine to celebrate over lunch with my dad and my sister. Pierre Jourdan Belle Rose or something like that, and immediately went out (there was a bottle store on my way out the centre) and bought a bottle on my way to the car. Plus a top brandy and a top tequila to celebrate. Was about to spend an absolute fortune on ensuring I could have the treatment this week, so what is some money on being extravagant?
Cannot believe how desperate I was to have the herceptin. Well, I can believe it. I don't want my cancer to come back and this is one way of helping it stay far far away.

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