Wednesday, February 17, 2010

why my arm is a barometer

I did not explain previous post properly. The radiotherapy for breathing cancer affected my lymph. Now when I am sickening for something my arm swells up and hurts like hell cos the Lymph which helps fight infection is not working properly. So my arm tells me before I know it that I am going to get sick.

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  1. Hello Gillian!
    I'm from Portugal (another visit from this corner of the world) and this is my first time here, at your blog. First of all, your blog is amazing. Congratulations!
    Secondly, I've landed here through a blog roll on breast cancer.
    I'm a journalist who only writes about Science in general and Health in particular. Lately I've been writing about breast and colorectal cancers and that's why I was looking for blogs on the subject.
    Please, keep writing. It's crucial the awereness that writings like yours raise on the disease.
    Thank you for sharing your life!