Friday, February 5, 2010

Medical aid hassles again

Damn,..... My Herceptin authorisation has run out. Last time it took a month to be authorised. I cannot wait a month now..... I blame the oncology centre. They woke up tp it yesterday. Now I cannot have the treatment on Monday. If it does not get sorted on Monday morning, my family are going to give me the full amount to go ahead this time, then there is 3 weeks to sort it out for the next treatment.
The irony is that the med aid are now paying the full amount so I returned the money to my family - until now have had to pay 20%. Now it's a crisis 'cos I don't have the money needed. It's just under R24 000. Sure it will get sorted. Hope so. Cos the medical aid wanted me to have the chemo taxol with the Herceptin and the oncology said no. And there was a huge drama cos I did not have surgery and the bureaucrats could not process a breast cancer application without a surgery report.
Another irony is that the head of the medical aid will be at my nephew's barmitzvah this weekend. Wish I could corner him......

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